Frequently Asked Questions

Selected Questions & Answers for New Comers

Q: Do I need to have residence permit to stay in Turkey for a couple months?

A:  Yes. According to the “Foreigners and International Conservation Law”, resident permit is obligatory for all non-Turkish citizens who want to stay in Turkey more than 90 days. Permission will automatically be cancelled if you don’t start to use within six mounts (article 19). All migration process design and govern by Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management. For the more information please visit

Q: Do I need to have health insurance for obtaining residence permit in Turkey?

A: Yes. Foreigners and International Conservation Law become valid on 11 April 2014.According to the law all foreigners should have compulsory health insurance for obtaining residence permit in Turkey (article 43). The lowest assurance of private health insurance for foreigners, designated by Insurance General Directorate. Health Insurance is provided from private insurance agencies. There is a discrimination prices for health insurance according to age differences.

Q: What is an apostil?

A: It is a standard certification verifying the authenticity of a document for official use across countries that have signed the Convention of The Hague. If you need an official document then you should go to notary to have notarized translation and then to Governor’s office in order to have it apostilled.

Q: How long can Apostilled documents be used in Turkey??

A: Apostilled documents are valid until the date mentioned on the Apostil stamp.

Q: When do I need a work permit for the employee?

A: A work permit is needed for all non-Turkish citizens who come to work in Turkey, even if they work for 1 day.

Q: When do you have to start registration?

A: The exact timing depends on your nationality and the purpose of your stay. If you want to visit and stay in Turkey as tourist you must have tourist visa according to your nationality. If you want to work and stay you will need official application for work and resident permit.

Q: What are the Schengen countries?

A: Schengen countries are: Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. Turkey is NOT a part of Schengen agreement.

Q: How long does it take to obtain a work permit in Turkey?

A: Depending on if you have applied it locally or from abroad, it will take between 2 to 3 months after the application is submitted.

Q: What is the authorized Institution about Immigration process in Turkey?

A: Republic Of Turkey Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management is an authorized institution. You can check its website  

Q: How far in advance should we plan visits of properties?

A: Our standard advice is to start the home search 3 to 4 weeks before the planned move-in date. If you do not give deposit to real estate agent or to the landlord, the same house could be presented to another potential tenant. Please kindly remember that real estate market is very flexible in Turkey like all over the world. What is available today may not be available tomorrow so you need to check the updated status of your portfolios before you start a house visit.

Q: What is the normal length of the lease contract?

A:  It depends on the type of contract. A standard lease contract is minimum for one year.

Q: What do we need to do prior to getting the keys to the property?

A: The first month of rent and requested deposit should be to paid to the owner (by bank transfer and separately) after all parties agree on the lease contract and sign it. If you would like to have insurance for cases like, theft, fire etc. you can provide it from a private insurance company. Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (DASK) is an obligatory insurance in Turkey for all properties.

Q: How does the “departure” take place?

A: The flat has to be in the same condition when you exit. We advise the tenant should be present during the departure process to compare the condition of the flat at the entrance and exit. At the end of the exit process, tenant must give back the keys to the owner and pay for any agreed indemnities or damages.

Q: How do I recuperate the deposit?

A: When you want to leave from the house you must inform the owner officially within certain time according to your lease contract. After your request about departure, the owner will come to house to check the conditions. If there is not any damages or a condition that effects to deposit in the house, the owner should give back the deposit in a few weeks, after he/she makes sure that all utilities are closed and related invoices have been paid off.

Q: Is temporary accommodation available in Turkey?

A: There are quite a lot of temporary accommodation options in Turkey, which are located in the center of the cities. You can find many good residence apartment or residence hotels especially in the big cities. In general prices are higher than long-term properties, however Internet and all utilities are included in the price.

Q: What are the different school systems in Turkey?

A: Turkish students obligated to continue their education for 12 years in Turkish Education system. However foreign students can enroll in one of the International schools in the country. For Istanbul, new comers essentially have 3 options when it comes to education in the city: British International Istanbul, International Community School and MEF International School. On the other hand Lycée François Pierre Loti d’Istanbul has French education system. All these schools can provide primary, secondary and high school education for non-Turkish students.

Q: How long is EU driving license valid in Turkey?

A: If you have EU driving license, you can drive a car in Turkey until its expiration date.

Q: What is a foreign identity -number and how do I obtain this?

Foreign Identity number is given to all foreigners who have residence permit in Turkey at least for 6 months. The number starts with 99 and provides to get all kinds of operations in public institutions and organizations for foreigners. You should apply personally to Foreigners Department of Provincial Security Directorate to get your foreign identity number.

Q: Can I open a bank account and subscribe to TV, Internet and telephone before my arrival in Turkey?

A: No, you will need your Foreign Identity card to open a bank account. After you get your Turkish identity card and sign a rental agreement you can subscribe to all utilities.


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