• 14th year in Global Mobility

    Turkey Relocation Management Services is created as an “on the ground”
    company, out of one of Turkey’s prestigious management
    consulting corporation.

  • We are in the relationship business

    A new cultural environment, housing, schooling, commuting and
    bureaucracy are only a few of the time-consuming challenges expats
    face when moving to a new country.

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  • From start to finish

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  • Moving into a new cultural environment

    Moving into a new cultural environment, having to cope with a different language, housing, schooling for children and transportation is quite a challenge.

We are very proud to announce that Turkey Relocation services has crossed a milestone in the history of our company by completing 14 years in Global Mobility. We’d like to thank each of you for being a big part of our family. We will continue to reach out to the world with your support. Happy Anniversary!


Turkey Relocation Management Services provides full range of Global Mobility Services for employees and corporations looking to relocate to Turkey.

Founded in 2010, Turkey Relocation has been serving some of the world’s leading corporations. Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with Authorities and ensuring the optimization of resources for our clients is vital. Turkey Relocation team understands the key challenges  expats face when relocating to a new country.

Our strength lies in our passion and dedication for providing expats a comprehensive service and our commitment to quality. Turkey Relocation distinguishes itself from its competitors by building a personal relationship with its clients and serving them as a single point of contact.

Turkey Relocation Management Services is accredited as full member Destination Service Provider of the European Relocation Association.

Why us?

We are aware that:

  • knowing the right people and having successful relationships;
  • providing personal recommendations, local expertise and insider information;
  • bringing together experts in each area to provide exclusive services;
  • having strong and prestigious business partners;
  • being a single point of contact;
  • establishing the relationship between newcomers and locals; and
  • working with committed professionals;

is KEY to smart, fast and smooth relocation in host-country.

Global Mobility Services

  • Pre-Arrival Visit Program

  • Cross-Cultural Orientation Training Assistance

  • House Hunting Services

  • Settling-In Services

  • Moving-Day Assistance

  • Short Term Accommodation Assistance

  • Moving and Shipment Assistance

  • Work & Residence Permit Application/Extension/Cancellation

  • Assembly, Maintenance and Service Visa Application

  • Turkish Citizenship Application

  • Local Address Registration Assistance

  • Tax Number Registration Assistance

  • Schooling Services

  • Driver’s License Conversion Assistance

  • Vehicle Registration Assistance (Blue Plate)

  • Tenancy Management

  • Language Training Assistance

  • Translation & Notarial Assistance

  • Insurance Assistance

  • Domiciliary Services

  • Company Incorporation

  • Accounting Services (Bookkeeping & Reporting)

  • Business Support and Tax Solutions

  • HR & Payroll Services