Expat Checklist

Arriving employees should contact their local Relocation Consultants to keep the stress level at the minimum level in “moving away from home” process. Before you arrive, make sure you gained information about:

  • Visa requirements (if applicable)
  • Work/Residence permit requirements
  • Other registration formalities
  • Restrictions on shipped household items & customs duties (if applicable)
  • Pet requirements (if applicable)
  • Housing availability
  • Educational institutions
  • Auto / Property / International Health Insurance
  • International Driving Permit

On your way to your host country, make sure that you have:

  • Passport (& extra photocopies)
  • Travel tickets
  • Travel Insurance
  • Extra photos
  • Photo I.D.’s & Driver’s license
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Birth certificates for children (if applicable)
  • School / academic records and Diplomas (if applicable)
  • Health certificates and vaccines records for pets from your veterinarian (if applicable)
  • Bank records